Dyson Building Discord

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Welcome to a Dyson away from Dyson! Made and run by DesSoc, it's here for general chitchat, online games and bringing people from across the Society together

What is Discord?

Discord is basically a big messaging and communication platform. It's free for anyone to join and use and has some benefits over just group chats. It's designed to host lots of people, can have groups and sub groups, voice chats, announcements and more. It's very customisable, get the notifications you want or none at all, share media, and even use our custom Dyson building stickers.

What can I do on this Dyson server?

Chat, ask questions, arrange things, use for online games, anything you might normally do in the Dyson building.

How can I join?

This is only for society members. If you're a society member, you should have got an email from us with a link to join. If you didn't or can't find it, email DesSoc (link in the footer)