October 28, 2020
Rhiannon Beddoe, Louis Horrell, Kirstie Taylor, Madeleine Woodburn

We reject the idea that user error leads to 80% of asthmatics not getting enough medication. It’s not bad technique, it’s a bad inhaler.

Allevo is a smart inhaler that optimises medication transmission by reducing scope for human error, increasing user compliance and promoting health literacy. It contains an integrated haptic tilt feedback loop, incorporating an IMU and vibrational motor. This informs the user when they have tilted the inhaler to the optimal angle, therefore opening their airways and allowing more medication to enter the lungs.

Our swirl chamber uses fan assisted air circulation to create an even medication distribution throughout inhaled air, ensuring consistent transmission to all parts of the lung. We believe this can deliver some of the functionality that makes inhaler spacers so great, in a more compact and discrete package.