October 28, 2020
Ethan Chow, Premal Gadhia, Ted Kane, Jack Polturak

Oria is a smart digital companion in which smart home controls are accessible via an inclusively designed user interface. It uses haptic therapy to relieve symptoms of cogwheel rigidity and improves mobility. Oria is multifunctional, and can both be integrated into and used independently from a cane.

Oria physically adapts to the stages of the user's condition through cane integration. Key features include a tactile interface that gives the user distinct feedback, and a touch screen overlayed with a TPU membrane provides the benefits of both physical buttons and a dynamic interface. The device is equipped with 4 vibration motors that produce the haptic therapy as well as haptic feedback on button presses. The degradation of the disease is measured by logging the frequency of tremors through an integrated accelerometer and gyroscope. These sensors are also able to display the severity of the daily symptoms to the carer.

The product is docked via neodymium magnets, a double relay circuit allows bidirectional power transfer either to the vibration motor in the cane or from the charging dock.