The Swayer

September 8, 2020
Kerim Taskin

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I wanted to design a vehicle that was much more engaging for the user compared to cars and much safer for the user compared to motorcycles. I designed this vehicle to be highly unique and full of ‘wow’ factors to increase the desirability of the vehicle and get people out and exploring the real world around them much more with more ease and a will to do so.


The unique position the vehicle is designed to be ridden, gives the user ‘flying on the ground experience’ which is something I was particularly interested in exploring.


The vehicle is designed using CAD software (Shapr3D on iPad) and brought into the world with the help of a 3D printer. Parts were strengthened using carbon fibre layering and carefully considered aluminium rods that go through critical components.  Moving parts are provided ease of movement with the help of integrated bearings and handle bars have integrated magnets to stabilise different positions of the the two bars.

To reduce the cost of the prototyping stage, a second hand hoverboard (mini-Segway) bought for only £10 was stripped apart and the parts were used to demonstrate the feasibility of the idea in the initial prototype.